We’ve been using our composting toilet for the past 4-months and thought we should do a little update about how its going, lessons we have learned and a few tips & tricks. Be sure to checkout our update video at the bottom of this post.



Two thumbs up…even from Shae. Initially we were rather skeptical of this solution but we’ve been pleasantly surprised! For the most part there is no adverse smell (if properly maintained) and its been a great solution for us. If your wondering why we decided to mess with  composting toilet check out our previous post, Off-Grid Waste: Composting Toilet



As long as we add enough covering smell is not an issue. After we empty and rinse out the bucket we place it in the sun for 8-10 hours to keep it smelling fresh.



One 5-gallon bucket will last our family almost 2-weeks with regular use. We use other facilities when available and use the composting toilet when other facilities are not convenient or available.


We keep our bulk supply of covering in our garage (inside the bed of our truck). It can be a hassle to run out to the truck to full up our covering bucket. The few times we neglected the covering and had smell issues was due to running out of material in our covering bucket.


When the bucket is full we simply add it to our compost piles and cover it with other food scraps and grass clippings, leaves and any other organic material on-hand. With compost the trick is to manage the nitrogen to carbon ratio while keeping it semi moist. Before adding a new bucket to the pile we make a small well, add the bucket then cover with new grass clippings. We add water to the pile if needed. Worms have overtaken the pile and its amazing how fast it breaks down! As long as the pile is not too wet & covered there is now smell of flies from the pile.



We are in the process of potty-training Paisley. So we got a new toilet seat for her. It has a fold down toddler seat that can stay out of the way under the lid with a magnet. The lid is also slow closing so no little fingers get smashed.





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