In this episode we talk about stuff. Specifically our experience sorting, selling and purging 95% of our stuff. Then we talk with our first guest Trina Cress (who happens to be my baby sister) about minimalism, simplicity in the home and a simple solution for addressing clutter areas of your home with her Simplify Home Checklist. Plus we discuss ways we can confront obstacles that keep us from having a simple and intentional space. We hope this information helps you create a space you love and that serves you well!




Our Home Before Project Eliminate


Project Eliminate Struggles


Epic Garage Sale




Free Cycle – Find a Home for your Unwanted Stuff


Book: Apartment Therapy 8-Step Home Cure


Pomodoro Method


Bea Johnson – Zero Waste Home


Trina’s Guide – Simplify Home Checklist & eBook


We are currently going through this process in our Airstream and it’s been super helpful!


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