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We are the Peterson family. We are glad that you have found our little online home (journal) that chronicles our journey towards a simple, intentional life.

•    A life with less wants and more contentment.

•    A life that values relationships & experiences over stuff.

•    A life with passion, fulfillment and joy.

•    A life filled with purpose and work that matters.

•    A life lived with better stewardship of our time, talents & treasure for God

We hope that as you follow our journey you will be inspired to embark on your own simple intentional path.

Check out the following articles in each category, why and how. The, “why” covers the principles behind our lifestyle. The, “how” is exactly that how we implement these principles in our lives and what this looks like.

Even if you don’t decide to sell 95% off your possessions and live fulltime in an aluminum travel trailer we hope our story inspires you to start your own Livin’ Lightly journey.





Our Livin’ Lightly Plan

Together is Better

What Simple Intentional Living Means to Me – Interview with Nick



Pay-Off your Debts

Sort & Purge your Stuff

Have a Garage Sale