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We are the Peterson Family. We decided to make some major life changes to have more time, energy and resources for what matters. This meant selling the majority of our possessions, moving into a Airstream travel trailer and pursing our passions. This blog is about our journey towards a simple and intentional life. We hope your are inspired to start your own journey.  Join us in Livin’ Lightly!

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Liv*in – light*ly
[liv-in lahyt-lee]
– Verb
1. A simple & sustainable existence that makes time & room for what’s (most) important while tossing the rest!




Aka: Daddy, Captain of the Land Yacht & Mr. Nature.

Favorite Food: frijoles

Nick loves the Outdoors, Mountain Bikes, Climbing Rocks, playing in the dirt (aka gardening) and going on simple adventures with his girls.





Aka: Momma, First Mate & Ms. Crafty Crafterson

Favorite Food: Green Smoothies

Shae loves being a momma, keeping healthy and fit, playing her guitar, getting her craft on and serving others.





Aka: Baby P, Deck Hand & Curious George

Favorite Food: Bananas

Paisley loves the 4-B’s: bananas, binkies, blankets, babies and being boisterous.



Lord, help us to be the best managers of the things you have entrusted to us!