DIY Portable Solar Power System
This is Phase 1 of our solar setup. This little box can power our trailer for a day and will give us power on the go. Easy to setup and very affordable. Great first step into solar!
Home Sweet Airstream (Almost) Completed Tour
The Land Yacht is nearing completion! Come aboard to get the latest tour and updates we've made in our renovation process. Since the last update we have completed the upholstery, bathroom and a handful of other little details. The old Airstream is feeling more like home!
Small Space Sleeping #tinyliving

See what's its like to live small in our #tinyliving series! This video highlights small sleeping in our small 176sq' of vintage Airstream.

Small Space Storage - Our Garage!
Our truck bed serves as our garage, which houses tools, outdoor gear, bulk food storage, off-season clothes, lawn chairs, skateboards and other odds and ins.
Composting Toilet 4-month Update
We've been using our homemade Composting Toilet for over 4-months...this is a update on what we think so far and a few lessons learned.
Airstream Remodel Progress Video Update #5
The Land Yachts interior is almost done...stove installed and working, pantry sliders complete, stainless counter-tops & trim installed plus the bamboo floor is 99% done. Home sweet home!
Airstream Remodel Progress Video Update #4
The Land Yachts Interior is coming together...bathroom framing, bulkhead cabinets, kitchen cabinets, dinette and paint!
Airstream Remodel Progress Video Update #3
Airstream Update #3. Spent the last few weeks tracking down leaks, drilling out a sketchy skin repair with pop-rivets and installing solid buck rivets. Also made a few other body repairs, installed a new window and two new roof vents.
Airstream Remodel Progress Video Update #2
Follow along as we sell 95% of our possessions, renovate & habitat a 1966 26' Airstream travel trailer and enjoy simple, intentional living.
Airstream Remodel Progress Video Update #1
This is our first progress video. We have gutted the interior, cutout the rear floor rot, made frame repairs and fabricated a new black tank pan.
House Tour Before Project Eliminate
Come tour our home before selling 95% of our possessions. The weeks following this video we sorted, sold and gave away the majority of our stuff. This tour gives you some scope into what we needed to purge.
Project Eliminate Sort & Purge
Watch as we are neck deep in sorting through our stuff for Project Eliminate. In this video we share some struggles we had in letting go of some of our possessions because of the memories associated with them.
Our Epic Garage Sale - Selling the Stuff from Project Eliminate
Our garage sale was CRAZY! People were camped outside the garage even before we started setting up. While it was a TON of work we were able to get rid of our stuff and make some money. This video is a summary of our sale.