Great online community for anything Airstream! Active community plus a wealth of information in the archives. If you have an Airstream or thinking about getting one – check out the Air Forums! Checkout the Land Yachts thread!
AWESOME resource for original, or close to original, parts! They do a great job with the product description with dimensions and specific model applications or if you have a question they are only a phone call away. Plus there is a wealth of knowledge in the comments and reviews on the products. We bought a ton of things from them (running lights, POR15 paint, roof vents, fresh water tank, water pump, battery charger, window gaskets & sealants, rivets) and couldn’t be more please! Prices were competitive, shipping was reasonable and it was nice to have a one-stop shop. If you have a vintage Airstream or other old trailer check out Vintage Trailer Supply!
The Vintage Airstream Podcast is a bi-weekly show by an ameture trailer owner that restored his personal trailer a 1960 Ambassador. The show generally features at least one, “panel pro” a trailer professional to answer technical questions. At the time of this writing there is 194 Episodes and a WEALTH of knowledge! I have spent many hours working on the Land Yacht while listening to the VAP. Highly recommend the VAP for anyone that has or is interested in a Vintage Airstream!
We were originally turned onto Airstream from Matthew and his original Airstream he designed and renovated to live in. He has since made a niche designing and restoring old Airstreams. His Airstream portfolio is pretty inspiring! He also has an information site & youtube videos on various topics around Airstream restoration. Checkout his amazing work!

We use google maps to build, tweak and save routes. Get mileage, plan stops & explore. Wish they had more robust planning tools like integration with AllStays! But it’s a great resource for planning your trip. We also use the google maps app for driving directions while on the road.


Weather Channel Interstate Conditions. This tool is great for checking road conditions for various interstates. We are often traveling on the shoulder seasons which can mean snow and icy roads. We use this tool to help plan our routes.

Weather Channel App
The Weather Channel App is great for checking conditions at cities along our route.
The All Stays app is a database of locations for anything road-trippers / RV’ers need to know. Like: truck stops, low clearance, rest areas, camping, etc. We use it primarily for rest areas, truck stops and RV parking like Walmart’s. App also features user reviews which are really helpful!
Cool new website that allows you to plan your road trip! Explore destinations & lodging along your route.


This is a local company in the Northwest that I was introduced to a Sustainable Preparedness Convention. I spoke with one of their reps about solutions for the Airstream and they were super helpful! I also picked up a copy of their planning guide & catalog. It’s FULL of most anything you want or need around off-grid living. Charts, sample setups, parts, 12-volt appliances and tons of information! You can download a free PDF version here or request a hardcopy here.