Since purchasing the Land Yacht we’ve been in the market for a new pull vehicle. The old Dodge Dakota had enough power to pull the Airstream but it was not optimal… The weight would have done a number on the trucks tranny and once the garage (the trucks bed) is loaded down with bikes, outdoor gear and my tools it would have been a little much for the Dakota. Plus the 13mpg without a load got old!

Dodge Dakota Sport

Ultimately we knew we wanted a Diesel. Diesels have tons of power, get better mileage and last forever not to mention the added bonus of the capability to run off of alternative fuels. Here was our criteria for our pull vehicle:

  • Budget of $10k
  • 3/4 – 1 ton Diesel
  • 4×4
  • Long Bed
  • Extended cab / crewcab

After shopping on Craigslist I was a little discouraged about what I could get with our $10k budget. So I put an order in with my buddy who is a car dealer. I told him about our criteria and he went shopping at the dealers auto auction.


The next day I got a call from my friend telling me I have a new truck. Long story short we got the truck for $8900 which left some room to do a few repairs. After we finish the repairs we have about $10500 in a $17k truck! Praise God!


2004 F250 6.0L Diesel Lariat 4×4


The truck has SO many cool features like:

  • Lariat Options: Full Leather, heated seats and power everything.
  • Center console folds into a seat.
  • 2006 Motor
  • 6.0 Bullet Proof Repairs Completed
  • Remote Start
  • Larger Aftermarket Exhaust
  • Aftermarket Aluminum Wheels


We feel super blessed by this truck and know God is guiding our journey!