The past 6-months has been full of sunshine, fun and rich community! We spent late Spring, Summer and a few weeks of Fall in the beautiful Inland Northwest. When we arrived in Idaho we had no idea where we were going to park our trailer. We had completed most of the interior cabinets yet we still had a long todo with painting, floor and other odds and ins. We stepped out in faith and God supplied our every need. Here are some highlights from our time in the Northwest!







This summer we were blessed with perfect places to park the trailer while in the Northwest! We spent a few quiet weeks after Outdoor School parked in the woods at camp. There was a random electrical post we were able to string several LONG extension cords to power the fan during the day and the heater at night.

Rest of the summer we parked in our friends RV slot next to their house. It was such a perfect setup…we had full-hookups plus we were neighbors with some of our best friends! Lots of impromptu meals, movies nights and epic adventures. We love you Anderson’s!







Spring Outdoor School is the last week of April and the first week May. 5-8th grade students from across, North Idaho, Washington and Oregon gather for a week of fun filled outdoor education. Its really my dream job even-though its a TON of work! It was such a blessing to share my passion for God’s grand second book – nature, to young people.







When we arrived in the NW we had a pretty long list of TODO’s on the Land Yacht. Plumbing, prime & paint, floors, upholstery, stainless counters, finishing the composting toilet, installing some Air Conditioning, and the list goes on… By the end of the summer we had a huge chunk of this list done! Its been nice to get things finished and organized! The Land Yacht is finally feeling more home!









This summer we had several fun road trips! In June we traveled to Washington for an old fashioned big tent church camp meeting. Shae was involved with music in the kids tent.

In July we traveled to Leavenworth for a weekend filled with camping, rock climbing and mountain biking. We had a blast exploring with kindred spirits, chatting around the fire and watching our little ones explore ant mounts and dirt. Leavenworth is such a beautiful and fun place!

Later in July we took the trailer down to Oregon for the, “Jesus Only” Convocation. A week filled with Jesus, great food, new friends and beautiful surroundings. We will be going back next year!





This summer we spent a good amount of time working in our community garden. I built new compost bins with reclaimed wood, planted a bunch of greens way to late and got at least one serious sun-burn. This summer was largely a bust in the garden (we are still learning) but we are looking forward to continuing to get our hands dirty and growing fresh food for those that need it!







Lots of great miles on amazing trails this summer! The Northwest is blessed with AMAZING scenery and world class single track!





A few early Sunday mornings were kayak adventures cliff jumping, berry picking and dodging hornets. Some special moments on the water! Thanks Ruben!





I’ve wanted a longboard for sometime now. Found a bargain at a Pawnshop for $50. If you have some thinking to do there is no better place then a casual ride on the board! Looking forward to when Paisley is a little bigger and can ride along on the nose!



God will take care of us!

Enjoy each season & stay in the moment.


We are excited about the coming months! We plan to spend a few months seeing baby cousins in the mid-west then we would like to travel to Florida (budget willing) to enjoy some sunshine, see Shae’s mom and explore / visit friends along the way.

Thanks for keeping up with our journey & we would love to hear from you! -NICK