Time together as a family is something we put a great value on. We spend most of our days together as a family and yet often this time together is less than intentional as we can get distracted with life.


One way we bring intentionality to our family time is, “Family Fun Days”. This is a day designated to special focused time having fun as a family. Sometimes we plan the entire day other times it’s just an afternoon. The point is focused family time!


Much like every other aspect of your life if you don’t make a plan you will be left to what happens in the moment. So it’s best to be as planned as possible with a, “Plan A” then you can always opt for plan B, C or what happens in the moment. Without a plan it’s difficult to be intentional.


Here is a snapshot of a few of our Family Fun Days

<Pictures of Family Fun Day>

Winter Hike

Trip to the Beach

Milford Lake Nature Center

Triple Play Arcade


Natural History Museum
Soak in a Hot Springs
Explored Ruins of an Old Castle
Assemble and Fly a Kite
Thrift Shopping
Family Hike + Rock Climbing
Ride Bikes to the Park + Picnic + Splash Pad



Rock Climbing
Fly a Kite
Zoo / Museum / Aquarium
Hike / Walk / Bike Ride
Swimming / Splash Pads
Explore New Parks
Farmers Markets
Cook / Craft / Create


We hope you consider planning your own Family Fun Time! Does your family already do something similar? Or maybe you had special time with your family growing up? We would love to hear what your family does! Comment below with your thoughts!