I love mountain biking. The remote destinations, grand views, thrilling descents and technical climbs. I love the exercise, the gear and the community. I love mountain biking!


My first bike was a hand-me-down for a high-school buddy. It’s was a frame + fork and I worked all Christmas break to pay for components I bought used on eBay to complete it. My next bike I saved all summer for. Each of these bikes took me to amazing destinations and epics adventures! (Tasali NC, Moab UT, Vail CO)


I’ve owned over a dozen bikes through the years and my current bike is the nicest. It was an eBay find several years ago. The seller wasn’t very verbos in the title and description. It should have sold for a premium and I snatched it up for next to nothing.


The bike is great! It’s super light, climbs amazing and all the components are solid & function perfectly. It’s been a trusty friend over Moab Slickrock and mile-after-epic-mile of sweet singletrack for the past 6years. I love my bike!


photo 1


All my riding buddies have brand-new bikes. All-mountain full-suspension 29ers with hydraulic brakes and fancy lockouts. Bike technology has come a long way in the past 10 years and I’ve been anxious to upgrade.


Seeing all the shiny-new-bikes glistening around me has made me rather apathetic towards my bike…


My 26″ wheels don’t roll as good as 29″ wheels. I wish I had more travel on my fork and my v-brakes don’t stop as good as disk brakes. In-fact my bike is a piece of junk and I need a new one!


When I focus on what I don’t have my thoughts quickly change and I become discontent, ungrateful and entitled. What you focus on is enlarged in your experience.


What you focus on is enlarged in your experience.


I have experienced this with possessions, work, finances, relationships and almost every aspect of my life.


When I gaze over my shoulder at the things I don’t have, want and think I need — I grow discontented with the wonderful things that are right in front of me. What a tragedy as I miss the blessings that are ABUNDANT in my life!


photo 2


Life’s too short for discontentment. Time to get back on the trail and enjoy the view!


“Lord help me not to be discontented with all the blessing you have poured out in my life. Help me not to be distracted by things that promise happiness but can never deliver. Help me to see the abundance around me! -Amen”