This podcast has taken WAY to long to launch! Its been on the todo list for many months and I’m so excited to share this first, and future, episodes with you!

In episode#1 we introduce what you can expect from the podcast then go into our personal story. The first night Shae and I sat down to record was brutal…recording yourself is extremely hard! Its hard to clearly communicate what’s in your head and its hard to listen to yourself without thinking, “I sound like an idiot!”. It’s with some embarrassment that we present this show.


We hope our story gives you some permission to begin intentionally thinking about your life and what you want out of it. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about the show! Leave your comments below!


Here are some links & resources mentioned in the show:



Vegetarian & Vegan Meal Planning Resource: – our first online business.

Got on a Bare-Bones Budget.

Cut our Expenses & Lived on Less.


Sold Purged all our Stuff.

Bought & Remodeled a Vintage Airstream for Off-Grid Living

How we Make a Living Online

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Or you can download the episode directly here.