I’m really excited about this episode! Housing is a necessity that is placing many families in a form of bondage that need not be. Today there are MANY affordable intentional housing options to choose from. One of the main reasons we opted to live in an Airstream is because of affordability. We intentionally chose a non-traditional dwelling so Shae could be at home with our kids and we could spend more time as a family.


In episode 4 we talk with Andrew Odom from tinyrevolution.us all about intentional housing. He shares his family’s experience of avoiding debt, paying cash for a simple tiny house then selling the tiny house and transitioning to a travel trailer. I hope you enjoy and are inspired by this interview!


Below are the notes/links mentioned in the show:




We The Tiny House People Documentary




RevoConvo Podcast



Log Cabins

Tumble Weed Tiny Home

Jay Shafers Tiny House

Cabin Kits

Modular Homes

Intentional Communities

Andrew’s Articles on, “How to Claim Financial Freedom” Part 1 Part 2


Special thanks to Andrew for coaching me through how-to setup recording phone interviews and taking several sessions to get this episode recorded!


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