Spring Break Road Trip…with 2-kids! Welcome to Episode #5! We started recording this episode in sunny Florida & now we are finishing it in partly-cloudy Nebraska (edit we finished it in Sunny North Idaho!) In Today’s show we are discussing Road-Trip Hacks!  Travel apps we use, planning tools, traveling with kids, creative budget boondocking options, peak season Florida Travel then we conclude with a great resource for intentional housing.


Before getting into today’s show I want to add that we launched this podcast in November with the aim of producing a show every other week. Right now we shooting a little under 50%. To help step up our game a bit we are going to alternate guest interview shows with some shorter solo mini-episodes. So that’s what we are going to do today. No guest interview but packed with helpful content none the less. Lets get into today’s show!



A web magazine for full-time travelers and those who would like to be. How-to’s, field guides and favorite places.


Nathan & Renee have been traveling full-time in one form or another since 2008. Their homes over the years have included a VW van and currently a 1976 Airstream. They have a wealth of knowledge and share it on their online magazine wandrlymagazine.com.


Their latest issues includes articles on:


  • How to Make a Living on the Road
  • Choosing the Right RV for full-time travel
  • Road Schooling
  • Long-Term Vacation Rentals: How to Full-Time without an RV


All the articles are available to anyone and you can opt for a yearly subscription for $5 which basically supports the resource and it has a few bonus like some MP3 downloads. We like what they are doing and we just subscribed! Keep it up Wand’rly


So if you’re looking for some info and inspiration on full-time travel checkout wandrlymagazine.com!




Google Maps


Road Trippers

  • Great curated sites, routes & trips
  • To explore interesting sites (museums, natural sites like parks & interesting things like offbeat attractions)
  • Campground. Used for FL and only found State Parks. All booked up. Bummed! thought we would have to settle with a cement slab in the city for $38. Which brings us to the next app…
  • Roadtrippers Website


Brand New App – Campedium

Not really an app but a great mobile site.

The name is a play off the word compendium: a collection of concise but detailed information about a particular subject, especially in a book or other publication. And Campendium is exactly that a collection of campgrounds and a growing list of detailed reviews.

We saw some friends on Instagram using Campendium and we tried it out when planning our trip to Florida.

After a quick search we saw a few local country parks not listed on Roadtrippers. These parks were not on a Reservation System but first-come-first-served. Se we got a spot on a Thursday afternoon for $24/night. Beautiful site, awesome fresh water spring. SO THANKFULL!


What I love about Campendium

  • Complete list of campgrounds
  • Filter
  • COMMUNITY – Personal Reviews


Filter by Campground Type.

  • Public
  • Private
  • Free / Boondocking Sites



We use All-Stays mainly for finding restareas on the road, walmart parking and fuel stops. Great app!

  • Rest Areas
  • Walmart Parking
  • Fuel – Truck Stop
  • Also have a complete list of campground (Including Elks lodge, public and privately owned campgrounds)
  • Allstays Website


Weather Channel App

  • Current & Future Weather
  • Save several cities along a route



Follow some travelers! Explore their maps!
Connect and get feedback.


You don’t need to share photos to use instagram…


Some people who travel to follow:

When you click on someones profile you can click on the GEO tab and see GEO tagged photos on a map.



Now that we’ve covered what tools we use to plan our trips lets look at some tricks we use to keep the kids happy as they spend hours in their carseats.



Here are some tips outside of handing your kid a device to pour over for hours while in the car.

  • Time & Duration
  • Early Morning
  • Less than 5hrs (300-350miles)
  • Schedule some stops (parks / playground)
  • Audio Stories, “Your Story Hour”


Budget Boondocking Options



Just submitted an article in THM! Great resources! I’ve been pouring over the archives and there is some

  • Awesome resource
  • Inspirational
  • Alternative, Intentional housing

$4.99 Monthly
$29 6-months
$47 12-months


Checkout Tiny House Magazine!


That wraps up this show! Hope you gleaned some travel hacks. If there is something we missed please comment below!



Get in touch with a resource or travel tips you use. And just let us know you are out there & listening. Getting feedback from you is like fuel for the podcasting fire! We love to hear from you and it helps us continue producing more shows!