Our teardrop trailer was lovingly named, “P-Pod” (Three Peterson’s in a Pod) and was started the summer of 2010. Ever since learning about these sweet little trailers I have always wanted to built one. I started the P-Pod project with hopes to complete it by a road trip that was scheduled a month from beginning the trailer.

The next few weeks were a blur of researching and building our tiny trailer. I was pretty optimistic about finishing the teardrop before our trip that I even talked my wife into using our, “hotel accommodation funds” towards the project. I was able to complete roughly 80% of the trailer before the trip. The exterior trim, weather proofing and interior finish work was completed sporadically over the next 6 months.

I really liked the layout and overall design of our trailer. We were going for a minimalist, Airstreamesk, ultra-light design, that had an open layout (more interior space and lighter weight without the interior cabinets) while trying to make the trailer look as non-home-built as possible, as cheap as possible. (Not a huge fan of the, “Harbor Freight” looking trailers.)

All-in-all we meet our criteria! Simple open layout, light trailer (500-600lbs dry estimated), Airstream like curves, salvaged vintage windows & aluminum exterior, all for an out of pocket price of roughly $1800.

More on our trailer project to come…meanwhile here are some pics of our finished trailer just before we sold it. (Sold it to make room in the driveway & the budget for the Airstream project.)