It’s Easter weekend and I’m a bachelor. My girls are off visiting family in Florida and I have been making some serious progress (14+ hrs per day) on the Land Yacht.  It’s Sabbath and after over 80 hrs. of hard work building cabinets in the Land Yacht I welcome today’s rest.


As I lay in bed this morning I began reflecting on my personal journey…


God has perfectly orchestrated my life and while at times I have played my own tune He continues to direct and as I I follow the result is sweet-sweet music.


As I look back over my journey I thank God for what could have been – but wasn’t apart of my journey. Events like arrest, serious bodily harm or death, marrying the wrong person and other potential life tragedies.


I mean life would not be what it is today if I was convicted for arson from playing a prank on my roommate and burning down my dorm room in high school. (The fire marshal called it an computer electrical fire. Half of that was correct. We did not intend to burn the room down.)


Life surely wouldn’t have been that same if I drowned in that log jam the size of house while kayaking down lightning creek in the spring. Thankfully my guardian Angel helped me get back to my boat and doggy paddle to safety. Even though I lost an expensive paddle I still have breath.


Or what if my sticky shoe slipped off the granite slab while simul-climbing Half Dome. Pretty sure that sketchy piece of protection would not have held our party of three and we all would have plunged to the valley floor hundreds of feet below.


Besides bodily harm and death what about those relationships that I was so invested in… What if instead of jilted love my foolish desires of the moment came true?


The fact is by the grace of God I have a wonderful life despite my stupidity. And while I have experienced some heartache and trials I can look back and see God’s leading all along my journey.

As I sat in church today the special music was a church chorus of the song, “10,000 Angels”. The song communicates God’s incredible Love for the human race. The chorus is what really hit me, “He could have called 10,000 angels…but he died alone for you and me”.


So this orchestration of my life (and yours) that God is doing is not only a good life (for some a good life is not an reality) but a reconciliation of all things to Himself.


Perfect Love. Beauty. Peace. Joy. Health. For all eternity!


So this weekend I thank God for His great Love and what isn’t because he choose to die alone for you and me!


Happy Easter!