We LOVE Jen and Jadah from Family Sponge! When my sister-in-law pointed me to their blog a while back, I was hooked. Their passion for simple living and health is contagious. We can’t help but get on board and join in their efforts towards intentional living as a family. (P.S. For all of you Green Smoothie lovers, they also have an amazing 30-day Green Smoothie challenge starting soon! Check it out HERE.)

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Written by Jen Hansard of Family Sponge

The last four months, my family has followed a pact to not buy anything new for all of 2013. It’s called The Compact and it’s a global movement that has helped us say no consumerism and yes to intentional living.


Let me quickly break down the goals of The Compact :

  • to go beyond recycling in trying to counteract the negative global environmental and socio-economic impacts of U.S. consumer culture, to resist global corporatism, and to support local businesses, farms, etc.
  • to reduce clutter and waste in our homes
  • to simplify our lives


It’s simple, inspiring and life-changing. My family first did it in 2010, and we grew so much from it. Every time we commit to it, I am thankful that we did. It’s not easy though— and I will admit: we have faltered on many occasions.


Like the time I went a little crazy on Amazon when all I was trying to buy was coconut water. Or the trip to Target when I left with more than just groceries. Their clearance section just gets me!!!


Yet for the majority of the time, we have not bought anything new. When the weather turned super cold and I needed gloves for the bike ride to school— a friend let me borrow a pair. When the kids were itching for some new toys– I gave them $10 each and we went garage sale shopping. The amount of puzzles, crafts, My Little Ponies, erector kits and race cars that we came home with was insane— and totally worth the $20.


There are times when I feel deprived and just want to buy that cute spring dress at Target or those gorgeous-patterned dishes from Pottery Barn, that are on clearance! It’s an inner battle I fight occasionally, but the longer I do The Compact, the less frequently the battles are.


Then then there are times when I feel like I hit the jackpot. Like the time I bought a vintage suitcase from the thrift store and got home to find some cool old jewelry inside. Or the time when my friend, Crystal, was cleaning out her closet and let me go through her old clothes and I left with Gap jeans and some fun tank tops.


Stuff like this happens to me…and it happens a lot. So The Compact is more than just a way to save a TON of money— it’s about creating adventures and forming deeper bonds with people —and that’s when memories are made and stories are written.


Now are you ready to join The Compact? Maybe it’s a 3-month pact, or a 6-month pact. Start small and see where it leads.